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Home Movie: 98652: Unidentified, 1963

Published 1963

To come.

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Audio/Visual Color


Reviewer: Spuzz - - November 9, 2014
Subject: Signs signs, everywhere signs.
Thanks to the below reviewer. All this home movie footage is starting to get to me lololol. Not bad footage, more signs then usual, which makes for easier identifying.
Reviewer: TG2 - - January 13, 2013
Subject: Unidentified? - St Mary Lodge - Glacier Park, MT to Canada
This looks to start at St Mary's Lodge in Glacier Park Mt.

It continues north to Alberta Canada, Marble Canyon, Banff National Park, along the Great Continental Divide, etc..

Great colors, especially indigo/blues showing a fairly well preserved film.

Shooting is all hand held, mild shaking. Mostly daytime/daylight a few sunset shots.

Mostly panoramic shots, a few while driving, a few of perhaps the "wife", and a backgrounds showing people, cars, etc.

Near the end is a darker silhouette of a steam powered tractor, followed by a shot of polar bears at a zoo.

Nice 20 mins.
3.5 ~ 4 on a scale 0 to 5, with 3 being "Average"
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